Guidelines for our deal community

You can register with us without obligation and free of charge. We value netiquette and want all participants to benefit from friendly cooperation. All users are united by the fun of hunting for bargains. To ensure that this enjoyment is unbroken, the tone should be respectful. To ensure a relaxed, fair and trusting atmosphere, we have established guidelines. By registering, you agree to the following rules. Not allowed are:

- Hurtful, insulting and provocative comments

- Posts with inhuman and illegal content

- Product duplicates

- Links with referrers to affiliate programs and advertisements

- Offers with fake prices

- Advertisements for others or your own website

- Links or advice to illegally acquired software

- Links or advice about license or copyright violations

- spam

- Pornographic content

- Offers of products that serve the purpose of personal defense

- Offers of e-cigarettes, liquids and tobacco products

In addition, we do not allow signatures. Please adhere to the legal regulations and do not violate the rights of third parties.


What happens if I disregard the community terms and conditions?

If you disregard the guidelines, we will first point this out to you or we will issue a warning. If you violate the rules more often, we keep the option open to suspend or terminate your account.

Of course, we hope that it will not come to that. Our concern is that everyone feels comfortable in our community and that bargain hunters can be sure that you can grab legal deals. To keep Blitzdeals a friendly and helpful place, we ask that you check your shared content against our rules.

Please report any copyright infringement to us is a portal with user-generated content. If you notice that content has been uploaded to our platform that infringes your copyright, please contact us. We will follow up on it immediately. However, please note that in order to file a report of copyright infringement, you must be the copyright owner or authorized agent.

What happens to my contributions if I delete my account?

If you choose to leave our community and delete your account, your posts will remain in anonymous form. This is important so that other comments are not taken out of context.

And now we wish you a lot of fun and success in our shopping community

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